Welcome to the eTeacher page for Mrs. Grau.

I am the Elementary Music teacher. I am excited to teach all students from Kindergarten to grade 6.

This year I also teach Gr. 7 Leadership in first semester.

Ours is normally an Orff-based elementary Music program, with children actively involved in singing, moving, playing instruments, creating, reading and writing music. With Covid protocols this year, I am travelling to classrooms rather than students coming to the Music room. 

Kindergarten students come to Music every day they are here. Students in grades 1-6 get two 50 minute classes in a six day cycle.

The following classroom expectations are the same for all students in all grades:

As Musicians We:

1. Listen (to each other and the sounds around us)

2. Participate (this means joining in with all activities)

3. Do our best (this includes manners like raising hands, waiting our turn etc.)

4. Play instruments only when asked (our voices are also instruments!)


You can contact me at or call the school at 780-922-3058.